Here is a video with no sound, or you can view the step by step instructions below.

1. Click the share button at the bottom of safari. Chrome users click the menu button in the top right.*Demo%20Install%20Step%201*PNG?alt=media&token=12a7bc34-44ee-492f-9445-2a5439d14d77

2. iOS (iPhone and iPad) users swipe left on the menu until you see "add to home screen." Chrome users will have 3 dots in the top right of the screen.*Demo%20Install%20Step%202*PNG?alt=media&token=5f403552-6c0c-4b3e-b6ee-20737880c1ce

3. iOS users will click "add to home screen."Chrome users will also see add to home screen in the menu after step 2.*Demon%20Install%20Ste%203*PNG?alt=media&token=5331fbfb-88a1-4db9-9347-9e3ef776dbf2

4. Confirm the name of the bookmark and click add in the top right.*Demon%20Install%20Step%204*PNG?alt=media&token=4c0ac2a4-c964-4808-a809-a2a089d9c83b

Easy right? Now you'll have one button access to reach me anytime!